A blog highlighting our youth's experiences and transformations through the program.

Youth L.E.A.D. Opened My Eyes to A New World Of Local Fruits & Veggies

by Lachelle Black,  a Junior at Turner Tech
& Youth L.E.A.D. Peer Mentor


Youth L.E.A.D. provides a hands on experience to learn about the foods we eat. While being a part of the program, I’ve had the opportunity to tour local gardens and farms throughout my community. I’ve also had the chance to work at a local Farmers Market,  and now understand the importance of locally and organically grown fruits and vegetables.


While working at the Farmers Market, I’ve also had the chance to learn about new fruits and vegetables such as: asparagus, chard, kale, bok choi, French sorrel, star fruit, star apple, canistel, and sapodilla.


I’ve learned that reading a food label is imperative, but it’s also essential to know exactly where your food comes from.


I also learned that you can’t trust everything you read, because there are a lot of politics we don’t know about that can influence what is put in our food.

 Those who advocate food justice throughout the Youth L.E.A.D. program strive to alleviate food injustices globally, starting with our very own community.


 Being surrounded by those who actually care about food justice, I can’t help but examine myself and become aware of what I eat. In addition to eating a bigger variety of fruits and vegetables, I’ve started my own compost at home and I now eat less meat.  

I’ve also influenced my mother to cook food from the Farmers Market and to change her eating habits. My little sisters also learn from me and they enjoy eating the fruits I bring home from the Farmers Market.


 I also share information with my friends, who are now interested in the program. Joining the Youth L.E.A.D. program has been a life changing experience for me; and I’m proud to be a part of a health changing movement.

Youth L.E.A.D. Empowered Me To Make More Healthy Dietary Decisions

by Selena Joseph, North Miami Senior High School Sophomore
 Youth L.E.A.D. Mentor

Youth L.E.A.D. is such a wonderful program that provided me a new learning experience. Before I joined Youth L.E.A.D., I had no idea how important it was to eat organic and locally-grown products and how much healthier it was for you.

Also, I never realized how there were food and environmental issues taking place in the world. Not only in the world we’re living in, but my own community.

 In my community, there’s only a local corner stores that sells chips, candy, hot sausages, etc. My community didn’t have a local store that was accessible and sold healthier options such as locally-grown and organic fruits and vegetables!

I learned about the Farmer’s Market, which has growers selling locally-grown, farm-raised products that are much better to eat than junk food. There’s so much I’ve learned from Youth L.E.A.D. It has been a life changing experience.


Instead of eating snacks like chips everyday afterschool like I used to, I began eating more fruits as afterschool snacks, such as the sliced starfruits that I buy from the farmer’s market. Not only has it changed my life tremendously, but I got my mother to buy more veggies and less processed meat to cook.

Also, I used to eat at fast food restaurants more than 3 times a week. Now, I eat at fast food restaurants only once per week. I started to drink at least 2-3 glasses of water per day.

If it wasn’t for Youth L.E.A.D., providing me with so much information, I probably would face future consequences such as high blood pressure or diabetes(which runs in both sides of the family).  So, thanks to my cousin Claudia, who told me about YOUTH L.E.A.D., otherwise I would never have known as much as I do now.

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